The Myth of True Love

“If he really loved me, he would know how I’m feeling…  If she really loved me, she would know what I’m thinking…” I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard these comments over the years from individuals and couples in counselling sessions.  I really understand this way of thinking.  When I was a teen-ager, […]

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Paula, 31

I came to see you when my relationship had just broken up.  I needed to work on my self- esteem, assertiveness and being more in control of my emotions.  I found the sessions life-changing in the most positive way.  I have definitely improved in all of those areas and am amazed how quickly your techniques

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How To Manage Conflict In Our Relationships With Others

Every relationship, be it intimate, friendship, collegial or familial, has some level of conflict at one point or another. Some relationships are fraught with conflict whereas others have seemingly no conflict. And there are many stages in-between. Relationships with on-going conflict (and I’m not including abusive relationships in this discussion) aren’t necessarily bad relationships. And

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C, 41 & G, 50

When we first came to see Lauren we were having significant communication problems and having major arguments without either of us understanding what was happening to us or why. It got to the point where one of us was threatening to leave and the other agreeing that it might be the best thing. In desperation

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D, 47 & M, 53

D:  When I first went to see Lauren, I was very angry, frustrated and feeling quite bitter towards M.  I felt embarrassed about getting professional help and that we couldn’t sort things out ourselves.  I was feeling desperate. M:  I was feeling pretty low and thought I was going to have to move out.  I

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Mandy, 51

When I started counselling, I was at a low point emotionally and our marriage was at a point where we didn’t want to part company but it seemed like we were heading in that direction. My husband and I were seeing a different counsellor together and I was a bit cross that my husband felt

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