“My developing meditation and spiritual practice has deepened my understanding of myself and others and has helped me to become calmer and more peaceful.”

“This experience has given me an appreciation of the deeper aspects of the transitions we all pass through as human beings.”

“I also managed the counselling program for several years before I resigned to start my private therapy practice. “


Thank you very much for your help – we both thought our sessions with you were very valuable and helpful to us in re-establishing our […]

A, 53 & D, 55

We both want to thank you for your guidance and support and feel our sessions have really improved our relationship and the way we communicate with each […]

S, 31 & A, 33

Thank you for your support, time and guidance, which have invaluably changed my life. I am deeply grateful to […]

Y, 32

How do I thank someone who has helped transform my life? For decades I suffered from bullies, liars, cheats and assault, causing anxiety, pain, frustration, despair, suffering and disappointment and leaving me a mere shadow of my former self. Thanks to you, I now have hope and light! I decided […]

Peter, 59

Since doing TRTP with Lauren, I can safely say that my entire outlook on life has changed. Through this process, I have transformed from being anxious, depressed and fearful as the result of past trauma, to someone who is now free to live a complete and fulfilling life. This process has […]

Michael, 37

I found Lauren at a time in my life where I felt completely lost and disconnected. On paper my life was seemingly perfect – great job, 2 gorgeous boys, financially stable, amazing friends and a long term partner. Despite this I struggled daily to find joy and gratitude for my […]

Nicole, 40

“I am very mindful of the importance of your need to feel safe in the therapeutic process and therefore maintain strong client-therapist boundaries.”

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