“My developing meditation and spiritual practice has deepened my understanding of myself and others and has helped me to become calmer and more peaceful.”

“This experience has given me an appreciation of the deeper aspects of the transitions we all pass through as human beings.”

“I also managed the counselling program for several years before I resigned to start my private therapy practice. “


Lauren has literally helped transform my life. I went to see her at a time of incredible vulnerability, and under her care I blossomed into someone who is confident, thriving and happy. Lauren gave me hope during a very unpredictable time in my life. Amidst all the uncertainty however, I …

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AK, 23

My husband and I had a difficult time adjusting to a new way of life. As a result of all the changes that come with being recently married, setting up a new business and immigrating to a different country, our relationship suffered. Not only did I struggle being so far …

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JV, 29

Thank you very much for your help – we both thought our sessions with you were very valuable and helpful to us in re-establishing our relationship.

A, 53 & D, 55

I’m feeling much better and way less anxious when coming across my ex-partner. Being sceptical (of Psych-K) at first, I found the shift in me exceptional. Thank you so much for your exceptional help.

Rachael, 52

When we first came to see Lauren we were having significant communication problems and having major arguments without either of us understanding what was happening to us or why. It got to the point where one of us was threatening to leave and the other agreeing that it might be …

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C, 41 & G, 50

Thank you for all you have done for me. When I think back I can see just how far I have come with many things in the past year, and that’s thanks to you.

Female, 25

“I am very mindful of the importance of your need to feel safe in the therapeutic process and therefore maintain strong client-therapist boundaries.”

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