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Thank you Lauren for the difference you have made to me and my life.  I have struggled to feel safe to do this work and you have helped me feel safe to go deep and affect change. The perfectionist in me would like everything sorted yet I know a substantial shift in […]

Caroline, 55

I’m so grateful to Lauren for doing the TRTP sessions with me.  It was a powerful, transformational and empowering process.  Lauren is a very dedicated facilitator who really cares about the process and who she is working with.  I feel so relaxed and confident after doing it and feel a […]

Kory, 47

How do I thank someone who has helped transform my life? For decades I suffered from bullies, liars, cheats and assault, causing anxiety, pain, frustration, despair, suffering and disappointment and leaving me a mere shadow of my former self. Thanks to you, I now have hope and light! I decided […]

Peter, 59

Lauren facilitated a Psych-K process for me which worked on my beliefs around having a loving and fully accepting partner and that my daughter was supportive and accepting of me being in a relationship. For years, I’ve held myself back as I believed my daughter would have difficulty sharing me […]

Erica, 48

When we first came to see Lauren we were having significant communication problems and having major arguments without either of us understanding what was happening to us or why. It got to the point where one of us was threatening to leave and the other agreeing that it might be […]

C, 41 & G, 50

D: When I first went to see Lauren, I was very angry, frustrated and feeling quite bitter towards M. I felt embarrassed about getting professional help and that we couldn’t sort things out ourselves. I was feeling desperate. M: I was feeling pretty low and thought I was going to […]

D, 47 & M, 53

HC, 38

I’ve tried many different types of trauma treatments over the years, and although they did help temporarily, nothing had the same impact as the TRTP sessions with Lauren. Lauren’s sessions addressed the underlying core issues and made a significant positive difference to the physical symptoms that I was experiencing – which were emotionally exhausting and paralysing. I can now truly embrace life and live in the moment. It’s liberating! I am so grateful to you, Lauren. Thank you!

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