Life Transitions



Thank you very much for your help – we both thought our sessions with you were very valuable and helpful to us in re-establishing our […]

A, 53 & D, 55

We both want to thank you for your guidance and support and feel our sessions have really improved our relationship and the way we communicate with each […]

S, 31 & A, 33

I think we really benefited from having a couple of sessions with you which helped provide another perspective that is not always available when there are just two of us. Thanks […]

Scott, 54

I came to see you when my relationship had just broken up. I needed to work on my self- esteem, assertiveness and being more in control of my emotions. I found the sessions life-changing in the most positive way. I have definitely improved in all of those areas and am […]

Paula, 31

TRTP has allowed me to transition safely from an emotionally frightened youth to a blooming emotional adult. This transition occurred for me in the first of the 3 TRTP sessions. The second and third sessions relieved me of the traumatic baggage I’d been carrying and reminded me of the power […]

Andrei, 50

Thank you Lauren for the difference you have made to me and my life.  I have struggled to feel safe to do this work and you have helped me feel safe to go deep and affect change. The perfectionist in me would like everything sorted yet I know a substantial shift in […]

Caroline, 55

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