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I completed TRTP with Lauren and after the first session began to feel a remarkable difference. With each following session, my anxiety began to subside and now, approximately 10 weeks after the final session, it is amazing how psychologically healthy I have become and am still becoming. Having undergone a […]

Ester, 59

Thank you for your support, time and guidance, which have invaluably changed my life. I am deeply grateful to […]

Y, 32

My husband and I had a difficult time adjusting to a new way of life. As a result of all the changes that come with being recently married, setting up a new business and immigrating to a different country, our relationship suffered. Not only did I struggle being so far […]

JV, 29

We both want to thank you for your guidance and support and feel our sessions have really improved our relationship and the way we communicate with each […]

S, 31 & A, 33

D: When I first went to see Lauren, I was very angry, frustrated and feeling quite bitter towards M. I felt embarrassed about getting professional help and that we couldn’t sort things out ourselves. I was feeling desperate. M: I was feeling pretty low and thought I was going to […]

D, 47 & M, 53

When we first came to see Lauren we were having significant communication problems and having major arguments without either of us understanding what was happening to us or why. It got to the point where one of us was threatening to leave and the other agreeing that it might be […]

C, 41 & G, 50

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