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Lauren facilitated a Psych-K process for me which worked on my beliefs around having a loving and fully accepting partner and that my daughter was supportive and accepting of me being in a relationship. For years, I’ve held myself back as I believed my daughter would have difficulty sharing me […]

Erica, 48

Going into the TRTP sessions, I was open-minded but didn’t get my hopes up because I didn’t want to be let down. However, I saw so much progress after completing TRTP, not only with my past trauma but with how I deal with stress and other uncomfortable events that I […]

Nicole, 18

Thank you for all you have done for me. When I think back I can see just how far I have come with many things in the past year, and that’s thanks to […]

Female, 25

I’m feeling much better and way less anxious when coming across my ex-partner. Being sceptical (of Psych-K) at first, I found the shift in me exceptional. Thank you so much for your exceptional […]

Rachael, 52

I’ve tried many different types of trauma treatments over the years, and although they did help temporarily, nothing had the same impact as the TRTP sessions with Lauren. Lauren’s sessions addressed the underlying core issues and made a significant positive difference to the physical symptoms that I was experiencing – which were […]

HC, 38

Since doing TRTP in April 2020, I can say that it has changed my underlying response to my feelings of safety. From the work I’ve done with Lauren using this process, it has given me a calmness and assertiveness I haven’t had before as well as taking away much of […]

Eddie, 29

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