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D: When I first went to see Lauren, I was very angry, frustrated and feeling quite bitter towards M. I felt embarrassed about getting professional help and that we couldn’t sort things out ourselves. I was feeling desperate. M: I was feeling pretty low and thought I was going to …

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D, 47 & M, 53

TRTP has allowed me to transition safely from an emotionally frightened youth to a blooming emotional adult. This transition occurred for me in the first of the 3 TRTP sessions. The second and third sessions relieved me of the traumatic baggage I’d been carrying and reminded me of the power …

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Andrei, 50

I came to see you when my relationship had just broken up. I needed to work on my self- esteem, assertiveness and being more in control of my emotions. I found the sessions life-changing in the most positive way. I have definitely improved in all of those areas and am …

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Paula, 31

Thank you for your support, time and guidance, which have invaluably changed my life. I am deeply grateful to you.

Y, 32

I’m feeling much better and way less anxious when coming across my ex-partner. Being sceptical (of Psych-K) at first, I found the shift in me exceptional. Thank you so much for your exceptional help.

Rachael, 52

I completed TRTP with Lauren and after the first session began to feel a remarkable difference. With each following session, my anxiety began to subside and now, approximately 10 weeks after the final session, it is amazing how psychologically healthy I have become and am still becoming. Having undergone a …

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Ester, 59

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