“Counselling is a collaborative process that allows you to explore your issues in depth and to find new ways of handling them.”

“As your counsellor, I work with you to sharpen your awareness about the choices you are making in your life and how you are ‘being’  in these choices and relationships.”


Since doing TRTP with Lauren, I can safely say that my entire outlook on life has changed. Through this process, I have transformed from being anxious, depressed and fearful as the result of past trauma, to someone who is now free to live a complete and fulfilling life. This process has […]

Michael, 37

We both want to thank you for your guidance and support and feel our sessions have really improved our relationship and the way we communicate with each […]

S, 31 & A, 33

I think we really benefited from having a couple of sessions with you which helped provide another perspective that is not always available when there are just two of us. Thanks […]

Scott, 54

Lauren facilitated a Psych-K process for me which worked on my beliefs around having a loving and fully accepting partner and that my daughter was supportive and accepting of me being in a relationship. For years, I’ve held myself back as I believed my daughter would have difficulty sharing me […]

Erica, 48

Thank you for all you have done for me. When I think back I can see just how far I have come with many things in the past year, and that’s thanks to […]

Female, 25

I completed TRTP with Lauren and after the first session began to feel a remarkable difference. With each following session, my anxiety began to subside and now, approximately 10 weeks after the final session, it is amazing how psychologically healthy I have become and am still becoming. Having undergone a […]

Ester, 59

“I work with you to learn how to be yourself in an emotionally satisfying relationship whilst maintaining integrity and self-awareness.”

Counselling Approaches

Psychodynamic Therapy

A psychodynamic approach to counselling uses the therapeutic relationship we develop to explore the themes, patterns of interacting, reactions and responses you have to better understand how you operate in your relationships with others. Research has shown that a successful counselling experience is often the result of the positive relationship you have with your therapist. I am committed to developing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship with you that will enhance your ability to grow and develop.

The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy

This model of therapy was developed by Ellyn Bader and Peter Pearson from The Couples Institute in California. It is based on the premise that couples’ relationships evolve through normal, predictable developmental stages. When partners have difficulty progressing through these stages, problems or symptoms arise. Couples learn how to manage the anxiety that comes from risking either greater intimacy or potential emotional separation.

Person-Centered Therapy

Carl Rogers pioneered this approach to counselling which is based on working with you at whatever point you may be in your life’s journey. Whatever it is you want to explore, this is the starting point for our work together. Unconditional positive regard or accepting you completely for who you are is paramount in the counselling process. As your therapist, I will pay attention to your strengths and potential and help you see and accept them.

TRTP™, The Richards Trauma Process

TRTP™ is a simple yet comprehensive step-by-step process that resolves extreme trauma and trauma-related issues such as anxiety, depression, fears and phobias.  It achieves results quickly, effectively and safely – generally in 3 sessions.


PSYCH-K®  is a process that helps you to quickly and easily communicate directly with your subconscious mind to change old self-limiting beliefs to new self-enhancing ones that support you to live a fulfilling life.  Holding limiting beliefs about ourselves contributes to not being able to achieve our potential. 

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