“Most of us have felt anxious or depressed at some point in our lives.”

Anxiety and depression can be caused by:

“Our natural state is to be free from anxiety, fear and negativity.”

“I am tired and have very little energy.”

If you identify with any of the above, counselling can help. A highly effective approach is TRTP™.  This is a step-by-step process which resolves trauma-related issues such as anxiety and depression.  We’ll work out if this is the right approach for you.  If TRTP™ is not something you wish to do, we will work together, through counselling, to heal the underlying reasons for your depression and anxiety so that you can begin to feel better about yourself, calmer and more peaceful.

Take control of your life through counselling

The sooner you get help, the sooner you can learn how to manage and overcome your feelings of depression and/or anxiety.

Don’t give up on yourself. With the support and guidance of a good counsellor, you can begin to believe in yourself again. You can feel good about yourself and about your life.

Our natural state is to be free from anxiety, fear and negativity.

I work with you towards restoring your emotional balance to its natural state.

Counselling can help you to feel that YOU are in control of your feelings rather than them being in control of you. By developing your self-awareness and acquiring tools to manage your symptoms, you will increase your capacity to cope with the stresses and challenges of your life.

“I work with you towards restoring your emotional balance to its natural state.”

Before I had counselling, I was feeling very lost and getting anxious for long periods of time. Everything just seemed really bad and complicated and like they couldn’t be fixed. I couldn’t see things clearly.

When I first went to see Lauren, I was a bit apprehensive. I’d had counselling before when I was younger and I didn’t feel like it helped me at all. The counsellor just sat and listened but didn’t give me any guidance. I was feeling pretty skeptical about it all but knew I needed to give it a try.

Lauren was an absolute life-saver for me.

For a start, things are so much clearer. Lauren has helped me to develop a broader perspective on life. I am more aware of my inner world as well as of what’s happening around me. I’m more accepting of who I am and I’m not afraid to express myself to others.

I’ve discovered that I get anxious because of what is happening around me and now that I can identify this, I don’t blame myself. As a result, my anxiety has lessened considerably and when it does appear, I feel like I can manage it and not be overwhelmed by it.

I feel like I can deal with what’s going on in my life so much better. Lauren has shown me techniques I now use to help me deal with my issues. Things are much easier in my relationship with my partner whereas before, nothing seemed clear and it all felt like one big mess.

I am now making better choices for myself. It is easier for me to tackle and take on things that would have felt over-whelming in the past. Everything is a whole lot better.

I wouldn’t be where I am now without the work Lauren and I have been doing together.

TA, 23

Counselling can help you:

Feel a greater acceptance of yourself.”

“I also understand the sense of vulnerability that comes with revealing the deeper aspects of yourself to someone else.”

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