D:  When I first went to see Lauren, I was very angry, frustrated and feeling quite bitter towards M.  I felt embarrassed about getting professional help and that we couldn’t sort things out ourselves.  I was feeling desperate.

M:  I was feeling pretty low and thought I was going to have to move out.  I thought our marriage was over.  I thought counselling would be a waste of time and didn’t think anyone could help us. 

D&M:  Lauren helped us learn how to talk to each other and how to resolve things.  We became aware of the underlying issues that were there and that we’d been afraid to approach.

D:  I feel a lot calmer and I don’t feel angry.  I have a better understanding of M than I had before.  We’ve learned how important it is to keep communicating no matter what.  Things aren’t perfect but they are calmer.  I feel optimistic about our relationship.  We can work things out much better than we ever have.  We’re more together in terms of our parenting and we now make sure we spend time together as a couple.  The counselling has been really invaluable.  If we hadn’t come, we would have remained really unhappy but stayed together for the sake of our children, or we would have split up.  We couldn’t see how to create a third alternative.

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