When we first came to see Lauren we were having significant communication problems and having major arguments without either of us understanding what was happening to us or why. It got to the point where one of us was threatening to leave and the other agreeing that it might be the best thing. In desperation we decided to get some external help as we weren’t able to fix things ourselves and in fact, things were only getting worse.

From our very first appointment, Lauren was open and non-judgemental and made us both feel comfortable to share our stories and issues. Lauren gave us the tools to understand each other better and she was able to help us see why we were having problems.

Learning to use the tools, skills & strategies Lauren gave us has been a whole new way of thinking for us both and has required significant effort and practice on both our parts. Lauren has been there to support and encourage us as we’ve worked to better communicate our thoughts and feelings with each other.

Lauren helped us to realise that our relationship was actually very strong and based on mutual respect. Our life is much better today and the tools we have learnt have helped keep our relationship strong. We’re both really glad we went to see Lauren and are grateful for the help and support she has given us to get our relationship back on track.

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