After being in an unhappy, abusive relationship for over 10 years, I went to see Lauren in a last-ditch attempt to save my marriage. My husband and I had, both separately and together, seen various counsellors over the years. From the first meeting, I was very impressed with Lauren. She laid very clear boundaries. She wouldn’t see either of us separately as she didn’t want to be perceived to take sides. This allowed for very open discussions as there were no secrets between either of us and Lauren.

Lauren has great recall and was always able to accurately reference back to previous discussions. She kept discussions flowing and on topic and never let situations denigrate. Through these interactions I was able to more clearly see how negatively I was being treated in my marriage and the lack of love and warmth that existed between us.

Counselling empowered me to finally make the decision to leave my husband. After a brief break, I have gone back to see Lauren in order for her to assist me in dealing with separation issues, particularly as there is a young child involved.

I find Lauren to be highly intelligent, her comments are well-considered and her advice is extremely beneficial and easily applied. In comparison to previous counsellors who only seem to question, Lauren helps find the answers. She has helped me regain my happiness and sense of self.

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