“I had been feeling a sense of hopelessness about where I was in my life. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t sleeping well, was feeling anxious and had trouble being clear about things.

When I first started counselling, I was worried about where it was going to take me. What would I uncover? Would I find out that I was in an unhealthy relationship which was making me unhealthy? What if counselling couldn’t fix it?

Counselling gave me a sense of comfort and security. It was a relief to know I could share with Lauren what was going on inside me. I knew I only had to wait until the next session to be able to work things out and this helped me get through each week. Counselling was like a refuge for me and meant that I didn’t have to burden others around me.

Lauren helped me learn new strategies for dealing with situations and this enabled me to handle things differently. I also developed greater perspective about the relationship with my husband. My anxiety decreased. I still sometimes catch myself taking on responsibility for others but am able to take a step back and set clearer boundaries for myself.

I now feel happier and stronger in myself. I can parent with more confidence and have learned not to take everything so personally. I am less judgmental of myself and others and this has allowed me to accept my husband for who he is. Our relationship has improved because of this and I am now able to respond in ways that don’t automatically escalate into a fight.

I loved the privacy and confidentiality of the counselling sessions and the non-judgmental way Lauren would ask things. She gently challenged me in a way I could accept.”

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