Coping with Over-Whelm

Feeling over-whelmed is something that happens to most of us. It usually creeps up on us, unawares, and then something happens that wakes us up to the feeling. Upon reflection, we start to realize that we are feeling over-whelmed by other things in our lives. There is much to be over-whelmed by: children, family, in-laws,

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Interview with Lauren for The Age/Sydney Morning Herald

  Counsellor Connecting with Clients in Growing Practice Date: June 27 2015 by Josh Jennings Counsellor Lauren Sokolski says she remembers spending three years counselling one client for the depression, anxiety and panic attacks  the client had developed after a traumatic experience. Her role essentially involved providing the client with a safe place to explore emotions,

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How to Prevent Regret

What Will Your Legacy Be?   by Steven Stosny, PhD, in Anger in the Age of Entitlement, April 9, 2014   Any therapist who has worked at all with senior citizens will tell you that a palpable regret, laced with grief, is the profoundest thing they see in their offices. According to research and clinical experience, people

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