Nicole, 18

Going into the TRTP sessions, I was open-minded but didn’t get my hopes up because I
didn’t want to be let down. However, I saw so much progress after completing TRTP, not
only with my past trauma but with how I deal with stress and other uncomfortable events
that I need to overcome daily. For example, something quite traumatic happened to me in
my workplace, and using the tools I learned through TRTP, I was able to overcome that
The biggest thing that I overcame through TRTP was my relationship with my father. My
father and I have had a rocky relationship for many years – he wasn’t the best parental
figure which caused a lot of resentment from me. This resentment made it difficult for us to
have a relationship and made spending time with him awkward. But through TRTP, I was
able to dissociate myself from the situations and hardships I faced with him when I was
younger. This created a blank slate. Subconsciously, my resentment faded and suddenly my
relationship with my father became something I cherished. I noticed he was starting to treat
me differently too – like he cared. This was a huge relief; I never thought I’d be able to have
a meaningful relationship with my father.
The main thing that I learned was how I could take control of the things I can affect vs.
getting frustrated over the lack of control I have over others/situations. I recommend TRTP
to anyone who needs to let go of the past and create a clean slate in their life, whether it be
with relationships, physically or mentally.

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