Mandy, 51

When I started counselling, I was at a low point emotionally and our marriage was at a point where we didn’t want to part company but it seemed like we were heading in that direction.

My husband and I were seeing a different counsellor together and I was a bit cross that my husband felt that I needed individual counselling, like it was my big problem. I felt like I was really putting myself out there and was a bit resentful about it all.

The counselling benefitted us enormously. After two sessions, everything changed around. I started to look at problems differently and more positively. I was able to be realistic about what I needed to do. I felt like Lauren gave me permission to think about and approach things differently; that I wasn’t letting myself down by changing my perspective and acting differently. I could see making changes as something positive rather than the negative way I’d been thinking about it.

Lauren was able to give me lots of strategies to deal with different situations that have been really helpful. Having the opportunity to verbalize and discuss issues with someone independent from my husband and me was really useful. Our relationship is back on track.

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