How do I thank someone who has helped transform my life? For decades I suffered from bullies, liars, cheats and assault, causing anxiety, pain, frustration, despair, suffering and disappointment and leaving me a mere shadow of my former self. Thanks to you, I now have hope and light!

I decided the best way I can honour what you have done for me is to do everything I can to live the rich, full, free life that you want for me and that I want for myself.  I will honour the process by being the best version of myself that I can be, free of the past hurt, pain and suffering.

When I suffered for all those years, I know those around me suffered too, especially my beautiful wife and amazing children.  Those whom I love the most I have also hurt, unintentionally, yes, but still hurt nevertheless.  By helping me, you have also helped them.  I cannot thank you enough.

Lauren you have given me the most precious gift.  The gift of freedom.  I can now be free from the past, able to move forward, feeling light, positive and free.  Finally free. Finally…

Thank you so much again Lauren.  I am eternally grateful.

Peter, 59

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