Therese, 54

Lauren suggested that TRTP might be life changing for me so let me put it in context. I appeared functional enough, successful enough, recognised in my chosen profession, and appeared to be socially competent and connected. All of this has been hard won in the context of trauma beginning at 26 weeks in uterus with my father’s suicide, the ensuing family trauma and violence and ultimately a dysfunctional marriage that replicated my earlier family violence and trauma.

I had developed coping strategies that saw me survive but not thrive and when Lauren suggested TRTP for me I was anxious as I feared I would be called upon to question, challenge and ultimately relinquish my long standing coping strategies. Nothing could be further from the truth as the process was containing, safe and life changing. Deep seated unconscious beliefs that limited and shaped my expectations, interpretations and experience of the world were subjected to deep scrutiny and identified as not my truth and replaced with empowering beliefs and expectations that honour my true self.

In short, I could not recommend this process more highly as no longer am I in survival mode but rather I am living in such a manner that honours my true self and this has me thriving.

I could not recommend Lauren more highly as I have found her to be sensitive, attuned and skilled in facilitating such a life changing experience.

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