Michael, 37

Since doing TRTP with Lauren, I can safely say that my entire outlook on life has changed. Through this process, I have transformed from being anxious, depressed and fearful as the result of past trauma, to someone who is now free to live a complete and fulfilling life. This process has allowed me to heal completely from experiences that I thought would be with me forever. It has helped me to completely change my beliefs about myself, my place in the world and the quality of life that I deserve. As a result, my loved ones have noticed a significant change in me. Where I was previously depressed, withdrawn, reserved and shutdown I am now energised, optimistic and full of excitement for my future. TRTP has had a truly life-changing impact for me and I believe that much of the success I have experienced with it is thanks to the professionalism, dedication, empathy and extraordinary care that Lauren has shown to me throughout the process. I am eternally grateful.


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