My husband and I had a difficult time adjusting to a new way of life. As a result of all the changes that come with being recently married, setting up a new business and immigrating to a different country, our relationship suffered. Not only did I struggle being so far away from loved ones, I felt unappreciated in all my new roles and was challenged by his family all at the same time.

We decided to seek some external help and find a safe platform for us to air our concerns and talk about our problems. For this, Lauren was a perfect choice. She is an incredible listener who makes sound judgments without bias.

Often confronted and challenged by my husband, Lauren was not afraid to give her expert opinion at all times. She is sensitive with intervention and provides techniques that enable her clients to practise these skills even outside the sessions. Lauren was adaptable to both our personalities and was able to provide clarity on fundamentally flawed issues in our marriage with great sensitivity.

Although the sessions have been difficult for me personally, I could not thank Lauren enough for providing me with a sounding board and reality check that was otherwise missing in my life. Our relationship is in a better place now thanks to Lauren. We have used some of the techniques she taught us to better our communication and foster respect in our marriage. We are now more aware of the dynamics of our relationship and are conscious of the language we use towards each other.

Personally, Lauren’s intervention and experience has changed my view on my situation dramatically. Lauren has empowered me and as a result of our sessions, I have finally regained my confidence.

Thank you for everything.


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