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Transitions can be challenging and stressful. They can bring up a range of intense and conflicted emotions.

You may be more tired than usual and anxious or worried about the future. You may feel confused and generally unsettled in yourself.

Therapy can be helpful if you are going through a life transition of any kind.

“I had been feeling a sense of hopelessness about where I was in my life. I couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. I wasn’t sleeping well, was feeling anxious and had trouble being clear about things.

When I first started counselling, I was worried about where it was going to take me. What would I uncover? Would I find out that I was in an unhealthy relationship which was making me unhealthy?  What if counselling couldn’t fix it?

Counselling gave me a sense of comfort and security. It was a relief to know I could share with Lauren what was going on inside me. I knew I only had to wait until the next session to be able to work things out and this helped me get through each week. Counselling was like a refuge for me and meant that I didn’t have to burden others around me.

Lauren helped me learn new strategies for dealing with situations and this enabled me to handle things differently. I also developed greater perspective about the relationship with my husband. My anxiety decreased. I still sometimes catch myself taking on responsibility for others but am able to take a step back and set clearer boundaries for myself.

I now feel happier and stronger in myself. I can parent with more confidence and have learned not to take everything so personally. I am less judgmental of myself and others and this has allowed me to accept my husband for who he is. Our relationship has improved because of this and I am now able to respond in ways that don’t automatically escalate into a fight.

I loved the privacy and confidentiality of the counselling sessions and the non-judgmental way Lauren would ask things. She gently challenged me in a way I could accept.”

Sue, aged 50

Some common life transitions that can be stressful include:

Common Life Transitions

  • Loss of a relationship, separation or divorce
  • Remarriage
  • Stress due to the challenges of being a parent
  • Empty nest syndrome
  • Difficulty adjusting to a new city or culture
  • Worrying about getting older
  • Sudden or chronic illness
  • Death of someone close to you

Going through any of the above life transitions takes its toll on you.

The intensity of life transitions can “trigger” emotions from past experiences that you thought were long behind you, making your response to your present situation seem extreme.

You can feel completely confused and not know what to do.

Seeing a Therapist During a Life Transition is an Opportunity to Grow.

Regardless of what you are feeling or what kind of transition you are experiencing, counselling or therapy can help you go through it with more ease. It can also help you heal the root cause of any reactions that are based on past experiences.

Life transitions push you to broaden your horizons and explore aspects of yourself that may be new to you. Through counselling, difficult experiences can be brought to the surface, looked at, accepted and transformed. You often discover strengths and resiliency that you didn’t know you had.

Before I went to see Lauren, I was in a state of mind where I really didn’t know where I was at or what I wanted. My values weren’t quite right and my priorities were all over the place. I got caught having an affair which was just the tip of the iceberg. My wife and I started seeing a counsellor to help us work through the impact of the affair and this counsellor suggested I see Lauren to work through my own issues.

Each time I came to see Lauren, I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was able to get things off my chest that I couldn’t talk about with others. Lauren is really easy to talk to and things just flowed in our sessions. I didn’t have to come prepared with what I was going to talk about. Lauren was able to take whatever was going on for me at the time and explore this in a way that was always of benefit to me. She is a good listener and asks questions and guides you in a way that gives you a lot to think about. She was great at hitting the right chords and seemed to have a deep understanding of what I was talking about.

I feel more relaxed in myself now that I don’t have the subconscious pressures that were weighing me down before. I have gained a greater awareness of what is going on within myself. I know how to deal with problems and issues a lot better. My family life has improved; my relationships with my wife and son are much better and so are my communication skills. My family also appreciates the change in me. What I’ve learned from counselling has helped me in all aspects of my life.

Ray, 51

With my support, life transition counselling can help you:

  • Resolve intense feelings of grief, loss, anger or confusion
  • Gain clarity, understanding and confidence in yourself
  • Increase your capacity to cope with the stresses and challenges of your life
  • Move forward in your life
  • Feel more grounded
  • Create more meaningful relationships
  • Come to terms with the difficult issues in your life
  • Develop deeper purpose in your life
  • Accept yourself for who you really are
  • Live with integrity and be true to yourself

Why choose me as your therapist?

I have over 20 years experience working as a therapist and counsellor with people at all stages of life.

My therapy clients tell me they appreciate my gentle yet honest approach. Laughter can be a big part of healing and I value the sense of humour we each bring to the therapeutic relationship.

As your counsellor, I will respect you as a unique individual with a unique journey and accept wherever you may be in your life. I guide you accordingly to work at a pace that is comfortable for you.

I know from personal experience that receiving counselling at transitional points in your life can make a big difference. It helps make the stress of the transition easier and often moves you through it more quickly. Most importantly, it can help you truly heal past hurts and pain at a deep level.

Are you ready to let go of your pain and start on your journey of self-discovery?

If your answer is YES, please call me today on 0423 932 200 or email me on to set up a FREE confidential 10-minute phone consultation.

Lauren Sokolski is a Melbourne therapist, couples counsellor and registered social worker who helps singles and couples with relationship problems and those struggling with issues of grief and loss, life transitions, depression and anxiety. She has offices in Bentleigh, South Yarra, and Caulfield North.

Lauren Sokolski

Lauren Sokolski



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