The Most Important Factor for Living a Happy and Fulfilling Life

This 75-Year Harvard Study Found the 1 Most Important Factor for Living a Happy and Fulfilling Life

I think we can all agree that in this chaotic world, it’s difficult to figure out what’s most important to prioritize. It’s overwhelming to maintain a career and have a personal life, tend to our social media feeds and keep up to date with our friends.

So what should you be prioritizing in terms of your time and attention in order to live a happy and f
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Differentiation: A Key Component to a Successful Relationship*

*This article is based on an interview conducted by Diane Poole-Heller with Ellyn Bader as well as ‘Stepping Stones to Intimacy:  A Positive Outlook on the Challenges All Couples Face’, published by The Couples Institute. 

I do a lot of work with couples: married, defacto, not living together, in the midst of a break-up, separating, divorcing and reconciling.  The couples who come in for counselling are in their teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties and sometimes
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Two Essential Ingredients for a Successful Relationship

When clients ask me what I think is the most important ingredient for a successful relationship, I always answer:  ‘respect and trust for one another.’

Without these two ingredients, it is difficult to have an emotionally secure relationship with your partner.


Many of us are what we call ‘conflict avoidant.’  This means that we aren’t comfortable with conflict and will do anything to avoid potential conflict with others.

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Lauren Sokolski is a Melbourne therapist, couples counsellor and registered social worker who helps singles and couples with relationship problems and those struggling with issues of grief and loss, life transitions, depression and anxiety. She has offices in Bentleigh, South Yarra, and Caulfield North.

Lauren Sokolski

Lauren Sokolski



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